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Homologation of Foreign Degrees in Palma

homologar título extranjero

We homologate foreign degrees in record time


Gestoria Palma’s services include the homologation of a foreign degree. As an administrative procedure, it includes a formal application and the consignment of documents. A small mistake can lengthen your approval from a minimum of 6 months to long periods of time.

In view of the growing number of professionals seeking a job opportunity in Spain. It is necessary to validate studies and skills in order to legally access better job opportunities. Therefore, resorting to a foreign degree recognition manager is an effective and reliable alternative.

What is the homologation of a foreign degree?

It consists of the review and recognition of studies and professional degrees obtained in institutions outside Spanish territory. It is required for foreign citizens and also for Spaniards. Mainly, because its objective is to validate the academic training in accordance with Spanish regulations.

It is carried out personally or through a foreign degree homologation manager. As appropriate, both for cases of labor insertion and for academic pursuit.

Requirements for the homologation of foreign degrees in Spain

The applicant of the procedure or the advisor of the foreign title recognition agency, must initiate the process at the Ministry of Education of the Spanish Government. And submit an application with the following documents:

  • Identity document (NIE or passport if the applicant is a foreigner)
  • Copy of the title to be homologated
  • Copy of grades corresponding to the degree
  • Payment of fee 079 of the administrative form 790

It is advisable to seek the advice of a foreign degree homologation manager in order not to omit any detail. Both the sworn translation of degrees, certifications and any other document presented in a language other than Spanish. As well as the apostilles and copies authenticated at the Spanish Consulate. Only in the case of countries not belonging to the European Union.

Once the foreign degree homologation agency has completed the administrative process and all the documentation has been validated. Then the training is recognized as sufficient to meet the professional competencies required in Spain. This allows the holder to apply for related jobs.

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