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In Gestoria Palma we process the residence card for labor roots that allows to obtain the exceptional authorization for foreigners. With at least two years of legal permanence and with an employment relationship of at least six months of antiquity. Which must be perfectly verifiable.

On the other hand, Ruling 1184/2021 leaves open the possibility of submitting a work life report. In which, some non-formal activities are included to complete the required period of work. However, it is necessary to have an expert advisor to avoid a possible rejection.

Requirements for obtaining the labor residency card

Among the requirements reviewed by the consultants of Gestoria Palma in obtaining the labor residency card, are the following:

  • Not be a citizen of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland.
  • Have no family ties to community citizens.
  • Not to have a criminal record in Spain or in the country of origin. Taking into account the crimes punishable under Spanish law.
  • Not to be within the period of non-return to Spain, nor to have an entry ban.
  • To have stayed legally in Spanish territory for at least two continuous years.
  • Have a demonstrable employment relationship within the two years of legal residence required.

Documents to apply for a residence card with labor roots

As in all legal procedures, it is essential to present a valid identity document. Passport, DNI or NIE. In addition to the documentation related to the application, in the corresponding formats and for which the Gestoria Palma in the processing of residence card labor roots will be essential.

According to current immigration laws, you must have:

  • Printed application form according to official model EX-10.
  • Copy of passport, registration card or travel document with at least 4 months of validity.
  • Proof of residence in Spain for two continuous years (registration certificate, medical care record or documentation from municipal, autonomous or state agencies that validate the stay).
  • Certificate of criminal record from the country or countries of origin or residence prior to entry into Spain.
  • Documentation proving the existence of the employment relationship presented.

Demonstration of labor roots

It is by far the most important point and why it is necessary to have the gestoria palma in the labor residency card with an expert advisor. Since, to work legally requires a regular migratory status. Or, to be able to file a complaint about your irregular work situation.

To prove the employment relationship that gives rise to the labor roots, the applicant may submit:

  • A legal employment contract, registered and detailing the working conditions. Issued and signed by a qualified employer in good standing with its tax and social security obligations.
  • A judicial resolution.
  • A conciliation report in connection with an irregular contracting.
  • Administrative resolution issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

How to apply for a labor residency card?

The application can be made personally or through the service of gestoria to request the residence card with labor roots. Directly at the Immigration Office corresponding to the applicant’s domicile. And it will be accompanied by the stipulated fee according to Model 790, code 052.

Once submitted, the Immigration Office will have a maximum of three months to issue the approving notification. Otherwise, it will be considered rejected by administrative silence.

As you will be informed during the process of obtaining the labor residency card, all the documentation coming from other countries will be legalized, apostilled and, if necessary, with an official translation into Spanish. Or, in the co-official language of the territory in which the procedure is carried out.

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