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The professional service of Gestoria Palma for the Spanish nationality procedure guarantees personalized and efficient attention. We provide you with the right information to solve your Spanish nationality application process. We attend to any inconvenience and prepare the necessary documentation to apply for, renew or recover your status as a naturalized citizen.

For any foreigner, it is an advantage to enjoy the rights inherent to the Spanish nationality. At the same time, a professional advisor of Gestoría Palma should also inform you of your duties and obligations. In addition to the different options available for each type of procedure.

Ways to obtain Spanish nationality

Considered as the right of union between an individual and a country. It should be noted that, according to the immigration laws, there are four ways to acquire Spanish nationality:

  • Nationality by option.
  • Nationality by residence.
  • Nationality by simple presumption.
  • Nationality for Sephardic Jews.

Each of them requires the fulfillment of conditions and the presentation of requirements. In which our expert advisors in Spanish nationality management, will be at your disposal.

Nationality by option

This right of nationality is granted to foreigners whose connection with the country has been established under special conditions. Even without the need to reside in Spain and in general terms when:

  • Have been or are under the parental care of a Spanish citizen.
  • Persons with a father or mother born in Spain and of Spanish nationality.
  • Individuals adopted by Spaniards who are over eighteen years of age.

The facilities provided by the Spanish nationality agency in this modality. It includes the qualification consultancy and the presentation of the evidentiary documents. As well as the convenience and additional conditions that apply.

Nationality by residence

In this modality it is required that the applicant resides legally and continuously in Spain. The length of residence required in each case will depend on the conditions of the applicant. For which it is specified:

  • One year’s residence will be required when the applicant was born in Spain and has not applied for nationality by option. If he/she has been under guardianship or tutelage for two consecutive years. And also for widowers after the death of the spouse, having been legally married.
  • Two years of residency will be required for Sephardic, Filipino, Portuguese, Equatoguinean or Andorran persons.
  • Up to five years of continuous residence will be required to naturalize those in refugee status.
  • Ten years of legal residence will be required when none of the above conditions apply.

In addition, the applicant must be at least eighteen years of age or be emancipated to do so on his or her own behalf. In the case of minors who are not emancipated, they will require the assistance of their legal representative. And in all the circumstances they will be able to enable the services of spanish nationality agency.

Nationality by simple presumption

Spanish nationality is conferred under the ius sanguinis modality to the children of Spaniards. Regardless of their place of birth. And under ius solis, for any foreigner born in Spain. As long as the country of origin of the parents does not contemplate the clause of nationality transmitted by blood.

Nationality for Sephardic Jews

Taking into account that Sephardic people are considered to be the Jewish descendants expelled from the Iberian Peninsula. With the gestoria Spanish nationality, they can accede to the migratory procedure by the modality of:

  • Naturalization: without distinction of nationality or period of residence. But proving their Sephardic origin.
  • Residence: after two years of continuous legal residence in Spain.

For the different ways of accessing this right, there are special requirements and conditions. These must be presented and certified at the Civil Registry corresponding to the applicant’s domicile. And for which the Gestoria Palma expert in Spanish nationality will always have a prompt response.

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