Residence certificate for citizens of the European Union

Residence certificate for citizens of the European Union

tarjeta residencia comunitaria


In Gestoria Palma we apply for the Residence certificate for citizens of the European Union, which is designed to attend to the citizens of the European Union who wish to obtain their Spanish residence or to process the same for a direct relative. So that he/she can reside with him/her or in his/her charge, for a period of time longer than three months.

The requested family member must be a non-EU citizen, with a verifiable link to the Spanish or EU citizen who is applying. Whose condition can be that of independent worker, under dependency or student. In addition to complying with the other requirements demanded by the Law.

Once approved, the community card will be valid for five years. After which, if necessary, permanent residence for a ten-year period is available.

Requirements to apply for the UE residence card

The community card agency assists the applicant in preparing and submitting the necessary requirements and documents. Provided that the following eligibility criteria are met:

  • The EU citizen has been a Spanish resident for more than three months.
  • Be considered self-employed or employed in Spain.
  • Be a student enrolled in a recognized educational institution.
  • Have medical insurance with coverage in Spain and equivalent to the Social Security health service.
  • Have the financial means to ensure the self-support of family members during the period of residence.

Family members eligible to apply for the UE residence card

The UE residence card would allow almost any member of your family to obtain residency. As long as there are reasons of health, dependency, cohabitation or disability that justify that the community member has to take care of him/her. The common thing is that it is carried out with direct relatives (spouses, children, parents and in-laws).

In the case of spouses, registered analogous relationships are included. As well as verifiable and lasting de facto unions, even if they are not registered. In the same way, homosexual and heterosexual relationships are equally contemplated.

The gestoria community card for children, includes the own descendants and those of the spouse or partner in force. Directly when they are under 21 years of age, and over this age if they are dependent or suffer from a disability.

In all cases, the advisor’s work during the community card procedure will be focused on presenting the appropriate application and the corresponding documents. In which the link can be certified, to demonstrate the situation of dependency, the condition of dependency or cohabitation.

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